Roman Jean-Elie

creative developer

Available for freelance work


Hi, I'm Roman
I'm a french creative developer based in Paris
and I like creating good looking stuff.


A collection of work, past and present. Some built for today, for tomorrow

I use my creativity and expertise to create

meaningful powerful experiences.

moreabout me

Coming from a visual background, I have a passion for creating seamless user experiences on websites.

Roman Jean-Elie

Since three years, I have collaborated with various brand agencies, mostly specialized in luxury.

In every project I tackle, I place a strong emphasis on interactions, animations, and performance, ensuring that users embark on a journey that is both enjoyable and intuitive.

In another life, I worked as a stage director and film director, I created shows in Europe (Paris, Italy, Greece…).
With creative development, I found a new way to create hybrids and powerful experiences inspired by what I learned in cinema and theater.

  • Interactivity

    Creating a seamless user experience on websites involves careful consideration of animations and interactions. I dedicate time to conceptualize and design them, ensuring a smooth and memorable navigation

  • Speed

    From optimizing loading times to streamlining processes, I dedicate myself to enhancing the performance metrics that matter. It's not merely about aesthetics; it's about ensuring that every element of your website operates at peak efficiency.

  • Communication

    Collaboration is at the core of my approach. I work seamlessly with colleagues and clients, harnessing collective strengths to drive projects to success.

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